Episode: Beyond the Box

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STEM Field of Dreams
Episode: Beyond the Box

In this episode, Erin Lansey shares her journey from studying environmental science to pursuing a career in environmental engineering. Growing up with a civil engineer father, Erin initially shied away from the field but found herself drawn to it as she discovered a passion for solving environmental challenges. Erin discusses the critical issues surrounding water management in the desert southwest and her role in ensuring clean water for the community.

Reflecting on her career trajectory, Erin emphasizes the importance of embracing opportunities and being open to pivoting within the field of engineering. She shares personal anecdotes of transitioning from hydrology to remediation engineering and eventually delving into data science and analytics. Through these experiences, Erin highlights the value of adaptability and continuous learning in shaping a successful engineering career.

The conversation also delves into professional challenges, including learning from mistakes, the importance of networking, and relationship-building in the engineering industry. Erin offers valuable advice to those starting their careers, stressing the significance of participating in networking opportunities, and staying open to new experiences.