Episode: Building Bridges

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STEM Field of Dreams
Episode: Building Bridges

In this episode Rachael L’Heureux, an outreach specialist with Arizona Project WET, shares her transition from her water-rich hometown of Seattle to the arid landscapes of Arizona. She discusses her career path intertwining science communication and water conservation.

Rachel’s passion for science communication was ignited by her father’s involvement in policy advocacy, which instilled in her a desire to bridge the gap between scientific research and public awareness. Through her undergraduate and graduate studies, Rachel realized the importance of practical experience and specialization within STEM fields, learning that employers value project work over mere academic credentials.

She reflects on her time at the Arizona Department of Water Resources, where she encountered challenges within a rapidly changing team structure, prompting her to prioritize a collaborative and supportive work environment. Rachel emphasizes the significance of networking in advancing one’s career, offering practical tips for effective communication, whether through cold emails or networking events.

Throughout the conversation, Rachel underscores the importance of finding one’s professional tribe and cultivating meaningful connections within the STEM community. Her insights serve as valuable guidance for aspiring scientists and communicators navigating the diverse landscape of STEM careers.