Episode: Explore Possibilities

STEM Field of Dreams
Episode: Explore Possibilities

In this episode, Brent Jesiek, a professor at Purdue University, discusses his background and career path in engineering. He notes that while he was steered towards engineering because of his strengths and interests, he wishes he had explored a wider range of internships and extracurricular experiences to better understand the range of career paths available.

Brent emphasizes the importance of exploring diverse interests outside of engineering, such as extracurricular activities, elective courses, and study abroad programs. He suggests that integrating these interests into one’s career can lead to fulfilling and creative opportunities. Brent also shares two early career challenges that taught him the importance of building trust and reflecting on the ethical implications of technology.

Finally, he also encourages students to explore the wide range of career paths available to them, even those that may not be immediately obvious. By doing so, he believes that students can find a career that is fulfilling and aligns with their interests and values.