Episode: Finding Your Tribe

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STEM Field of Dreams
Episode: Finding Your Tribe

In this podcast episode Angelica Escoto, a PhD candidate in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Arizona, talks about her journey from being an undergraduate student to pursuing advanced research of breast cancer.

Angelica shares how she stumbled upon her passion for research during her junior year as an undergrad, highlighting the excitement of conducting her own projects and exploring new scientific questions. She discusses her decision to pursue a PhD and the fulfillment she finds in potentially impacting lives through her work.

Throughout the conversation, Angelica reflects on challenges she faced, including speaking up in professional settings and battling imposter syndrome. She emphasizes the importance of finding support networks and mentors, especially for women and underrepresented groups in STEM.

In offering advice to undergraduate students interested in STEM careers, Angelica encourages them to embrace opportunities and seek out supportive communities that can guide them through their academic journey.

The episode closes with Angelica expressing her hope that her story will inspire and reassure undergraduate students, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles and that there are resources and people willing to help them succeed in STEM.