Thank you for interest to be on the podcast.

The goal of the podcast is for you to be able to share your STEM journey and career advice with the audience. The primary audience will be college students, but the podcast is made available on all the major podcast platforms. My purpose will this project is to help the students hear from working professionals about their careers, both the positive and negative experiences. My students are juniors and seniors who will be graduating in the next two years. Thus, career advice and perspectives are very valuable as they contemplate their futures. Thank you for considering this request.


The next step is finding a time that works best to schedule a recording session via Zoom. You can use the following link with Microsoft Office Bookings to find a time that suits your schedule.

Book time with Stoner, Matt – (gstoner): Podcast recording session (zoom) • This link will expire on: August 18, 2024

If there are no times that work for you, please email me at

Preparing for the recording session

The podcast is audio-only, even though it is recorded via zoom. For the best quality recording, please try to connect at a location that is relatively free of outside noises. The recording sessions typically take between 15-25 minutes.

In addition to the 4 standard questions, I will ask you to introduce yourself so please be prepared with a bio/introduction for the audience.

During the interview, I will proceed thru the four standard questions in order. I will occasionally ask a follow-up question or engage in some banter based on your response.

• Why did you choose this career? 

• What is one thing you know now that you wish you knew before graduation? 

• Recall a challenging professional situation and what you learned from it? 

• What advice would you impart to someone starting their career? 

After recording session

I use some AI-based audio-editing software to prepare the episodes. The software allows me to easily remove filler words (ums, you know, like) and make other edits. Typically, I complete the editing within 3 days of the recording session. Once I’m done, I will send you a link to review. No episode goes live without your approval.

After reviewing the recording if you desire any edits, I’m happy to make them. Depending on the edit, I can either just remove the audio or we can schedule a short follow-up call to record a revision of that part of the interview.

Publishing the episode

Upon your approval, I will prepare the episode to be published online and promote it on social media, such as LinkedIin. I’ll alert you that the episode is live.

Thank you again for your time and willingness to be on the podcast.